10 Amazing jQuery Image Gallery Plugins for your Website

jQuery Image Gallery Plugins
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You’ve probably seen a website that features a well-polished slideshow of pictures with resized thumbnails. And probably you’ve also been amazed on how it makes the site look more professional and more organized. Well chances are, this website is using a jQuery plugin, a cross-browser JavaScript library that enhances the overall presentation of a website’s contents. If you’re planning on using jQuery for your site then you might want to take a look at these 10 image gallery plugins that we highly recommend.



1. Mudaimemo jQuery Gallery

A simple jquery gallery plugin that features a flash-like photo gallery with a uniform clickable thumbnails on the bottom. Perfect for websites with clean layouts and no fancy designs.



2. ppGallery Lightbox Gallery

ppGallery is very easy to setup and can be fully customized using CSS. The pictures can also be navigated using the keyboard and there’s also a preloading feature for instant browsing. Best of all, this gallery works with almost any type of browser.


3. Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

Based on the name itself, this slider is perfect for online portfolios where the user can view the details of an image by placing the mouse on it. The slider then zooms on the image and by clicking on it, the user will get a full and a more detailed view.



4. jQuery Multimedia Portfolio

This plugin is also good for portfolios but the difference of this one is that it creates a carousel gallery that supports multiple types of media such as image, video and music files.



5. Sideways jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery

This elegant image gallery features a uniform set of thumbnails on the left pane and when an image is clicked, a high resolution version of the photo will then appear on the right pushing the thumbnails aside so the user can see it in full screen.



6. Simple jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery

This is another fullscreen image gallery but this time the thumbnails are lined up horizontally at the bottom. Clicking on the thumbnail will display the fullscreen version on the background and there’s even an option to view the original size of the photo.



7. Simple iTunes-like Slider

This image gallery replicates the similar slider that is used in the iTunes store. It’s perfect for websites that will need extra space for other content.



8. Mosaiqy

Based from the name itself, the plugin creates a moving mosaic of small images and when a photo is clicked, a part of the mosiac opens to give you a bigger version of the photo.



9. AD Gallery

This is similar to the Mudaimemo jQuery gallery plugin but the difference is that this one is ideal for displaying featured contents. You can choose from several custom effects and you can also include image descriptions to make the images more interesting to the viewers.



10. jQuery Morphing Gallery

This image gallery plugin creates a morphing effect on the images in between transitions which is really cool especially if you have a set of photos with different dimensions. The cool feature of this image gallery is that the surrounding frame will animatedly resize itself based on the dimensions of the next image.

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